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Server downtime - back with a cleaner look

by Alen Ribic on December 12, 2012

Tagged as: news, haskell.

After a great trip to the US this past November and having attended a few cool meetups that I really enjoyed such as the Haskell Hackers event at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, I came back home to find out that my server was compromised and there was a $400 bill waiting for me for outbound data charges.

Lesson learned? Don’t host your website on the same VPS you do your dev hacks on.

Bottom line is that I have managed to get credited for the period and my site is back up. I rebuilt the site with Hakyll [1] and applied a new cleaner look in the process. Hope you enjoy!

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[1] Hakyll is a Haskell library for generating static sites. See: