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Speaking at upcoming events

by Alen Ribic on October 17, 2012

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Here is a list of talks I’ll be giving at the upcoming events/seminars.

Case Study - JDE / OSB Integration ✔

22nd October at SAOUG in Sun City


Clojure - An Introduction for Java Programmers ✔

29th October at Jozi JUG in Johannesburg


Introduction to Cloud Haskell ✔

14th January 2013 at Lambda Luminaries in Centurion

Details | Slides

Concurrent Programming in Haskell

(Date to be confirmed) at University of Pretoria in Pretoria (Functional Programming Seminar)

[Updated: Mon, 14 Jan 2013] Marked completed events.

I’ll update this page with links and more detail as it becomes available.

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