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Hs-task: An in-code task management utility

by Alen Ribic on August 1, 2012

Tagged as: haskell.

Hs-task is an in-code task management utility written in Haskell. I wrote hs-task some time back and finally got around to releasing it into the wild with hopes that others find it useful.

Many IDEs and editors contain some form of built-in task management capabilities. Philosophy behind hs-task is to provide a standlone, in-code, task management utility that can be interfaced via command-line, IDEs and editors.

hs-task icludes the command-line utilities task-find and task-crunch (see below for usage).

For IDE/editor integration, the Eclipse sample plugin can be located here.

Note that the project is still in its infancy as it is missing some core parts such as the persistence mechanism that will store the in-code task changes.

Comments, issue reports, patches and feedback are more than welcome!


task-find [OPTION…] toplevel_dir|file_path

  -R    Recurse sub-directories

  -f    Filter by file extention

  -h    This usage info

task-crunch [OPTION…] raw_task

  -o    Output format (plain | html | xml)

  -h    This usage info


To find all tasks in python source files and then output them as plain text run > task-find -R -f .py ~/Development/python/projects/ | task-crunch


@TODO(bug, mlcomp, #alen, #bob): File path iteration fails on deep recursion | added a test case | H, 6 | "/Users/alen/Development/python/billdozr_env/projects/BilldozrML/src/parser/", (14,1), Wed Jul 11 13:23:27 SAST 2012

And for html output run > task-find -R -f .py ~/Development/python/projects/ | task-crunch -o html > /tmp/task-sample.html


List of Todo Task's:

  Subject: File path iteration fails on deep recursion
  Action: added a test case
  Label(s): bug, mlcomp
  User(s): alen, bob
  Priority: High
  Time spent: 6
  Source file: /Users/alen/Development/python/billdozr_env/projects/BilldozrML/src/parser/
  Line / Column: (14,1)
  File modified: Wed Jul 11 13:23:27 SAST 2012


The cool thing here is that we can use the xml supported output which then can be pulled into any Editor/IDE we can build a plugin for.

See: the Eclipse plugin sample I built (barely alpha).


You can locate the project on my GitHub page.